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In the electronics industry, countless unanswered questions and statements circulate around PCB cleaning and removing flux from electronic assemblies. Some of them persist and even become almost myths.

Questions and statements like:

  • „There is no need to clean when using NoClean fluxes.”
  • „Are cleaning systems with linear or rotating spray arms better?“
  • „Ultrasonic cleaning damages electronic components.“
  • „Do assemblies cover each other in cleaning machines that work like a dishwasher?”

But to what extent are these statements true and what are the answers to the questions?

We at ZESTRON have made it our goal to scientifically scrutinise these and other topics, check facts, clear up myths and give you well-founded, practically relevant answers.

What can you expect from the PCB cleaning
Fact Check?

Which PCB cleaning machine is the right one, how are arguments for or against a process to be evaluated and what influences the cleaning result on the assemblies‘ surface? The Fact Check provides answers:

1 | The Basis

Regardless of whether you have already come into contact with PCB cleaning or whether it is new territory for you and you are at the beginning of your search for information – every Fact Check starts with a basic explanation.

2 | The Question

This is followed by a derivation of why the specific question has developed and what this would mean for the cleaning result.

3 | Scientific Testing

We explain which scientific tests we have used to verify the question or claim.

4 | Test Results – but please understandable

Every test provides data. We prepare the results in an understandable way and put them into context in a neutral and well-founded way.

5 | The Answer

At the end, you not only get an answer to a typical question about PCB cleaning, but also a recommendation for action that you can implement to your process or when choosing the right cleaning machine.

We have subjected these questions to a
Fact Check

Why are we at ZESTRON experts in
PCB cleaning Fact Checks?


We have been dealing with all details around electronics cleaning for more than 30 years. This allows us to test PCB cleaning machines from leading manufacturers from all over the world and to gain process experience.

Customer Dialogue

Through close dialogue with over 3,000 customers worldwide of various sizes and requirements in the automotive, industrial, aerospace and medical sectors, a selection of frequently asked questions about PCB cleaning has been taken up and examined in detail.


Due to our independence from other market participants in electronics production, we are able to evaluate technologies objectively and match results for each user with their requirements. This enables an objective and technically sound selection of the right PCB cleaning machine.